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Key Largo Dry Rocks (Christ Statue)
- site of the famous "Christ of the Deep" Statue, this is one of the Keys' most popular diving and snorkeling locations. The statue is one a three made by an Italian scultor Guido Galletti, and was donated to John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park in 1966.Key Largo Dry Rocks, is a fairly shallow site, and offers close viewing of many types of fish.

The statue of Christ of the Abyss resides at this reef. In 24 feet of water, on top of a three tiered concrete pedestal, the statue of Christ keeps constant vigil to the heavens. A patch reef surrounds the statue with very typical spur and groove formation. Its depths range from 30 feet to less than 0, as many parts actually come up out of the water at low tide. Sea rods and sea whips are numerous around the outside edges of this circular reef and very large examples of Brain coral are represented. One of the most requested sites in the National Marine Sanctuary.

                           Depth range 20-30 ft.

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